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Hair of the Month

Some of the hairstyles I have been loving this month! Since I work from home, I have found that making time to do my hair in the mornings really helps to motivate me to start my day. I am a true hairstyle amateur, so all of these looks are super fast and easy, no more than 10 minutes tops. 

01. Lazy day hair - One of my favourite and most versatile hair styles. Just grab two thin pieces of hair from the front of your head and pin in the back with bobby pins. This hairstyle can be dressed up and down, just add a fancy clip in place of the bobby pins!

02. My lazy version of a crown braid - This is a bit of a cheat, I just plait my hair as I would if I were doing a milkmaid braid. Then I pull towards to back of the head and pin in place. As you can see, I still need to do some practising on this hairstyle.

03. Easy twist bun - literally the most simple bun you can imagine. Click through for the tutorial I used. My bun looks a little different because I chose to do my bun low on my head, although the steps are exactly the same.

04. Sleek and straight - after I washed my hair, I just combed some hair oil through the ends and very quickly used my Instyler to straighten any kinky bits.

05. Half up, braided crown - Click through for the tutorial I used. 

06. Milkmaid braid - Click through for the tutorial I used. This is definitely my favourite hairstyle at the moment. It doesn't always turn out as nicely as in this photo but I am slowly getting better!