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Bunya Mountains

In September of 2015 I went on a long weekend trip with my parents and my grandmother to the Bunya Mountains in South East Queensland.

Even though it was September, and for us Queenslanders that means summer weather, it was absolutely freezing! We stayed in a lovely wooden cottage with a beautiful fireplace, which we had burning for most of the day. 

We went for long hikes and mountain walks everyday and saw some stunning views and scenery. The landscape in the Bunya Mountains is quite spectacular, the different walks we went on took us through entirely different environments. 

Some areas were covered in moss and fungi and other locations were full of cacti! The bird life was amazing - as a city girl, I had never seen so many different types of birds. Not to mention the ones you could hear, but couldn't see through the thick brush.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was seeing wallabies EVERYWHERE! They were outside our cottage in the mornings, we spotted them along our bush walks during the day and they could be seen lounging on the sides of the local (and very quiet) roads in the evenings. 

During our three days at the Bunya Mountains, we barely scraped the surface when it came to walks and hikes. I am certainly planning on returning one day!