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Recommended Reading

01. Misery by Stephen King - This is one of my all time favourite Stephen King books, one I always come back to when I'm feeling bored or lazy and I don't want to bother picking a new book to read. Because we all know, sometimes choosing a new book can be overwhelming and a little frustrating. It's a gripping story about a man on top of the world, a writer who has finally finished his greatest novel yet, who through circumstances outside of his control becomes the live-in patient of his biggest fan. A riveting read about fear, obsession and self actualisation. 

02. Reunion by Andrea Goldsmith - I picked up this copy second hand and I have to admit, it was the cover art that drew me to this novel (I love a bold sans serif font). Goldsmith is a wonderful Australian writer and I am glad that this book was my introduction to her work. It is a lovely story about five middle aged people who have been best friends since their university days and after many years living all over the world, are finally reunited in Melbourne. It explores the intricacies of long term friendship, friends so close that they become your family. And it asks the question, how much would you sacrifice for a friend?

03. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith - I am going to be honest here, I have a slight obsession with detective novels and tv shows. Especially if they are set in the UK. And I love J. K. Rowling! Which is why I drop everything and immediately devour the new Cormoran Strike novel whenever it is released. I love everything about this book, the character descriptions, the locations the story takes us and, of course, the plot. I know that not everyone loves J. K Rowlings adult fiction novels but I think her writing is wonderfully descriptive and she is a master story teller. Her imagination always astounds me. Pick up this book if you like a good mystery and you're not afraid of a little gore.

04. The Eye of the Sheep by Sofie Laguna - I'm not actually sure if I can adequately describe this novel. It took me a few months to read this book from start to finish because the content is so moving and after every reading session, I felt emotionally drained. Another Australian author, Laguna weaves a tale of a dysfunctional and destructive family. While you can definitely feel that there is, or once was, a deep and meaningful love between parents and children, this love has morphed into resentment and anger over time. The story is told from the perspective of Jimmy, the youngest son, who has some form of autism. The author does a wonderful job of allowing the reader to view the world through Jimmy's eyes, although this can be distressing at times. I would highly recommend this novel, it truly is a beautiful and moving story. Just be aware that the content can be quite upsetting, with violence being a major theme woven through the story.