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My Gradual Journey to Minimalism


My partner and I are moving at the end of the year and in an effort to make our move as streamline as possible, I am purging our home of items we no longer need. As someone who loves to plan ahead, this purging of physical items actually started many months ago.

At first it was simple, a few bags of clothes and a couple of books, but pretty soon I was going through every box, shelf, drawer and storage space and gleefully donating hundreds of items. The act of purging my home and life of physical objects has primarily been brought about by the internet craze that is minimalism.

Over the last year or so I have become obsessed with consuming media about minimalism - reading books and online articles, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries. The main source of my inspiration has come from The Minimalists. After I found their podcast, I became hooked. I could spend hours, sometimes as much as half a day, listening to old episodes and reading up on topics they discuss. The passion with which they speak excites and inspires me. I thought, this is the life I want to lead. A life driven by adventure and purpose and not one controlled by material things.

That's not to say I want to throw everything away and emulate the life of Japanese minimalist, Fumio Sasaki (the author of 'Goodbye, Things - on Minimalist Living' who famously owns only three shirts). Just that I want to live a simpler existence and fill my home, my mind and my life with objects that truly add value to me.

What exactly those things are, I don't know yet. I love books and reading. I am interested in sustainable fashion. I value comfort and relaxation. I love watching scary movies and 90's sitcoms. I know I don't need an entire drawer of thick knitwear when I live in a subtropical climate. I know that re-watching the Harry Potter movie series on DVD makes me genuinely happy. And I know that no matter how little I own, I will need space for my beloved cats. This is the journey I am currently on and I am not in a hurry to reach the end. I am happy just enjoying learning new things about myself and seeing where this thing takes me.

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